Now Solved: Customer Behaviour

What a Digital Customer needs can now be known to you with right technology and process in place. Are you Following?

E-tailing (electronic retailing) has been popular now over the years and many applications and cloud solutions have been opted by the top companies. To make their business smooth, companies are using salesforce to retain customer. Personalize every interaction with the customers by collecting and integrating data from every touchpoint. Salesforce for Retail helps businesses to unify commerce and and improve conversion rates with predictive analysis. Salesforce retail CRM solution helps in personalizing customer experiences across all channels. This helps in retailers in keeping customer needs on top of the mind through customer data tracking. Salesforce retail services helps the organizations with the important information that is needed to provide the right products and the service that builds loyalty.

Retail Industry Services

Mirketa helps retailers keep pace with the rapid evolution of shopping habits and providing a better retail experience for customers across all commerce channels using Salesforce. We enable you to access most of the relevant information and customer segmentation with the help of salesforce retail cloud. Using the customer data present in your Salesforce CRM, we help you with a holistic picture of your customers, which in turn helps you improving your targets, conversions, payment processing and customer management systems through salesforce in retail services.

With the ever-growing market of retail and e-retail sector, the industry needs to increase the touchpoints with their customers within the minimum TAT. We are the best in the business of helping companies accelerating their growth operation ,salesforce consulting partners and are renowned experts in end to end salesforce implementations for retail businesses. Our dedicated team of Salesforce certified business consultants, analysts, architects, developers, UI designers and testers are Salesforce eco system experts including the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As a certified Salesforce Silver Consulting Partners, Mirketa works relentlessly towards improving your business processes and delivering cost-effective world class solutions with the help of salesforce in retail services.

We provide our best in the class services related to Salesforce commerce cloud for retailers includes:

  • Predictive data analytics for retailers to identify the customers who are likely to purchase a product and are more likely to respond to a promotion
  • Quantifying the value of social channels on the bottom line
  • Implementation of payment processing systems
  • Lean process for shipping and returns processes

    Why Us?
  • Experienced: Over the last eleven years we have efficiently managed over 300 solution engagements while transforming businesses through better analytics, organizational process changes, and cloud CRM solutions.
  • Consistent: Our Salesforce Certified professionals are trusted and recommended by our clients. Over 80% of our business comes from our existing customers.
  • Creative: We challenge our own thinking and come up with creative solutions that meet our customers' requirements.
  • Adaptable: We understand that each company has its unique needs and constraints. So we provide flexible options to structure their working engagement with us.
  • Affordable: We combine onshore-offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to let our clients enjoy quality without the overhead and bureaucracy of larger consulting companies.


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