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Connected Campus through Salesforce HEDA Implementation

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Higher Education

Mirketa is a Salesforce Consulting partner specializing in Implementation of Salesforce Clouds and HEDA model to create Connected Campus experience streamline Enrollment, Grant Management, Alumni Management, Fund Raising, Marketing Automation and Personalized Student experience

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Salesforce Clouds and (H)EDA model are the ideal platforms for Schools and Universities to create a connected campus experience.   

Mirketa provides the best Salesforce Development and Integration services for Universities and Schools. We work with Universities and Schools to implement/integrate Salesforce HEDA, Marketing, Sales, Service and Portal Clouds to create a personalized and connected experience from pre-recruitment to alumni experience for students. Mirketa’s best in the business Salesforce Implementation services make the Salesforce® investments for education/universities unbeatable and prudent. 

Mirketa Salesforce Consulting Services for Schools and Universities include the following: 

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We create connected campus vision for your School/University through Salesforce HEDA architecture and Salesforce Clouds. We work with your team to layout following:

  • To-be business processes for Lead Management, Enrollment, Marketing Campaigns, Multichannel Personalized Communication through Student journeys, Engagement Management etc.
  • Recommend Salesforce Licensing needs
  • Solution Architecture laying out the role of Salesforce Clouds and other Core systems
  • System Integration requirements
  • Roadmap to connected campus through Salesforce HEDA and Clouds

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Salesforce® HEDA Implementation and Integration.

Salesforce® HEDA and other Clouds for schools and universities are customized by our certified Salesforce consultants and developers to create connected campus experience. We ensure that Salesforce® for education is tailored to your requirements. We use Salesforce to create solutions for automating the following processes in your School/University: 

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation to Map Student journeys, campaign management, Budget Tracking, personalized messaging, social marketing.

Enrollment Process Automation

Automate the process from pre-lead stage to all the way to Enrollment through Marketing and Sales automation.

Grant Management

Grant Management from Grant Concept to funding and budget tracking and project updates to sponsors.

Loan Application Management

Loan Application Management for internal and 3rd party partners for loan approvals.

360 Degree

360 Degree View of the students by aggregating data from different systems


Reports and dashboards for better engagement

Salesforce Implementation

Premium production support and captive development teams on fixed price

Fund Raising Campaigns

Fund Raising Campaigns and custom external portals fund raising events and donation collection.

Alumni Portals

Alumni Portals to engage and collaborate with alumni (newsletter, online forums, discussion board, ideas, donation etc.)

System Integrations

System Integrations with on premise and cloud applications using iPASS like Dell Boomi, Informatica or direct API integration with error handling.

Large Data Migration

Large Data Migration or content migration

Manage Institutional Affiliations

Manage Institutional Affiliations to collaborate through an institutional portal, and to connect the students and applicants to these institutions for rating the relationship

Success Stories

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Better Enrollment through Student 360

Client is an education technology services company that creates highly personalized interactions through

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Why Us?

We have over 1 Million hours of Salesforce experience. We have helped our clients transform their businesses by successfully rolling out Process Changes, Salesforce Cloud solution, Einstein Analytics and Systems Integrations. We have worked with companies of all sizes and types, including Fortune 100 organizations, government agencies, and start-ups. More than 80% of our business comes from existing customers.

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