Schedule all your salesforce reports (custom or standard) in just a few steps

eCourier Report Scheduler

The eCourier package lets you choose any existing report in your organization, whether standard or visual force, and lets you schedule it to be sent to as many as 100 recipients at one time. The recipients can be any user, contact or an external email address.


  • Choose any report: All the standard reports and all the custom visual force pages present in your organization are fetched in real time and a user can choose any of these reports to be sent at their preferred schedule.
  • Choose an extension: For standard reports, the reports can be sent as a “csv” or an “xls” attachment. Visual force pages are sent as the email body.
  • Create email content: User can type in any subject and body for the emails that will be sent out with the reports.
  • Create a schedule: User can choose a frequency at which the reports will be sent out. This can be as frequent as hourly to monthly. User can also choose to send the reports right away, in which case a schedule will not be created. User can also disable and edit the schedules.
  • Add recipients: Recipients can be any user, contact or an external email address. Lookup filters are provided so that the user can choose any contact and user available in their organization. For external addresses, name and email addresses are to be typed in. The email addresses are unique; however, names can be repeated.
  • Reporting: The emails are sent out only when a scheduler is enabled and hence a user can use the same scheduler setup to send emails at random intervals, like a month and a half, which is otherwise not configurable.

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