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“ML is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make”, Nick Bostron, Oxford professor and AI specialist.

If you are a developer looking to ramp up in the field of ML or you are a Technology enthusiast, this Webinar will help you understand what is ML and how does it work. You’ll be able to kickstart your endeavours in Machine Learning.

This Webinar is first in the series of Webinars that we are planning to do. It is structured in a way that clears your misconception regarding ML and lay down a strong foundation for you.

We at Mirketa are Machine Learning experts and our team of ML developers and consultants can help you achieve mastery in this field of ML.

Delphi is a Salesforce AppExchange app that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide analytics for functional areas like Sales, Marketing and Service.

Following are the major highlights of Delphi covered in the Webinar: -

  • Open Opportunity Prioritization
  • Forecasted closed date
  • Forecasted Opportunity Amount
  • Sales Reps recommendations for your open opportunities

As business tycoon Mr. Mukesh Ambani says, ‘Data is the new oil’ and quality data acts as a driver of high productivity and good decision making. Data volume is growing rapidly through data collection at various points, but the quality is somewhat compromised, posing serious questions on the sanctity of databases. Though, it may seem a trivial issue, it has a huge and lasting impact on the businesses.

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