Wealth Management

Right Steps for Good Financial Health

Your finance need to be planned and managed well for today and tomorrow, Finacast by Mirketa is a saviour.

Wealth Management

Mirketa’s proprietary wealth management tool, Finacast, is a next generation platform that aggregates information from various internal systems and external financial institutions and provides forecasting, reporting and advisory features for your clients.

Integrating Finacast into your systems is easy. It’s a simple plug in tool that pulls in data from different banks and provides analysis that looks into your client’s priorities with a proprietary engine that helps people know where to put their money. We also offer a native version of Finacast that becomes an app on top of Salesforce.

Finacast benefits include

  • Factors in current balance sheet, needs, goals, priorities, income, tax implications and future events in simulations.
  • Models and compares multiple scenarios and shows their impacts on the big picture.
  • Tracks real-time information and sends alerts to individuals and their advisors.
  • Provides intelligent product cross-sell opportunities.

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