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Add spark to your sales process

Sales Prediction and Action Recommendation Kit (“SPARK”) is an advanced analytics-based framework that gives you access to more than “what has happened” sales analysis. It leverages predictive analytics techniques to

  • explain why you win or lose deals
  • predict which deals you may win or lose
  • highlight the red flags in each deal
  • recommend most appropriate next steps based upon the Red flags generate

It analyses and evaluates more than 110 variables related to sales reps' transaction patterns, deal characteristics, account-related variables and broader macro and micro economic factors to model distinct patterns that can precisely predict sales outcomes. With over 90% prediction accuracy, SPARK has become an indispensable tool for our Fortune 500 clients who have reported record new hire ramp improvement, higher forecast reliability and better conversion ratios post implementation. Intuitive graphical apps operationalize data-based decision making for your field staff and sales managers and helping you put in place strategic learning, marketing and management programs. Sales DNA Diagnostics has been designed as a quick 4 week engagement that offers to statistically reveal what differentiates your top sales reps from the rest using HR, CRM, LMS and customer data. In association with Emplay- Spark, Mirketa Inc. makes it possible for you.

Mirketa Spark

MEDAL and SPARK are products offered by our partner Emplay. We are their implementation partner.

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