Let´s Go Social !

Relationships have always been at the heart of marketing. Since the beginning, consumers have trusted individuals–friends, family, acquaintances. Despite the anonymity of today’s digital world, relationships remain a critical factor in discovering and evaluating potential purchases. Your customers are right out there, searching for you, are you Social to help them find you?

Reach the right customers with the right message

With the prolific nature of social media platforms and players, a significant portion of social content never even reaches customers’ eyes. Data shows that only 6% of fans regularly engage with companies they like on Facebook and just over 16% actually see content published from branded pages. To succeed on social, marketers must continually create, distribute and optimize content to achieve reach and relevance.

Connect social to business results

More than 50% of marketers find it difficult to tie social activity directly to business results. While the need to quantify impact beyond likes and comments is evident, social data is too often isolated from other data sources, forcing marketers to qualify rather than quantify social performance. To realize real value from social media, marketers must align social activity with business key performance indicators (KPIs) and report on the direct and indirect impact of each channel.

Manage customer relationships across all digital experiences

The average consumer is exposed to over 3,000 brand impressions every day. Rising above the noise is an imperative for brands, but creating consistent experiences across platforms and devices, particularly when using disparate tools, is complicated. Marketers require a means of connecting all branded activity across earned, owned and paid environments.

Social Media Analytics provides the capabilities to help your organization. With Mirketa add context to the social media conversations your customers are having so you can understand, respond to and extract valuable insights from social dialogue. Then infuse that insight throughout your organization to enhance the customer journey across all customer touch points – customer care, brand marketing, public and community relations, merchandising and more.

Grow your business by understanding consumer sentiment and evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns.

Make better decisions and strategies across a wide range of functional areas.

Improve the customer experience by responding quickly to issues and requests.

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  • Affordable: We combine onshore-offshore delivery to reduce delivery costs to let our clients enjoy quality without the overhead and bureaucracy of larger consulting companies.


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