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Salesforce Marketing

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing platform offered by Salesforce, now enhanced with GPT-powered AI capabilities. This infusion of AI in the lifecycle of marketing campaigns enables businesses to achieve unparalleled levels of 1-to-1 personalization, generative content creation, and predictive marketing. With the integration of AI, the significance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for businesses has become even more compelling.

Why Choose Mirketa?

  • At Mirketa, we take pride in being a trusted Salesforce Consulting Partner with extensive expertise in Marketing Cloud implementation. Our certified consultants possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring seamless and successful deployments for your marketing needs.
  • We understand that each industry has unique marketing challenges and requirements. We specialize in crafting customized Marketing Cloud solutions that align precisely with your industry’s demands. From non-profits to education, healthcare to manufacturing, our diverse portfolio showcases our ability to cater to various sectors effectively.
  • Our approach involves a meticulous breakdown of our customers’ problem statements. Leveraging the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we devise targeted solutions that address your specific pain points. From data-driven insights to automation, we harness Marketing Cloud’s capabilities to drive tangible results and elevate your marketing endeavours.

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Salesforce marketing cloud features

Email studio

From basic campaigns to sophisticated 1-to-1 messaging, utilize data from every department to build smarter emails that inspire engagement. Create beautiful, responsive emails with customizable templates and automates the email journey for enhanced efficiency.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Powerful AI-driven personalization strategies deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire action. By leveraging Einstein, discover the most relevant products, content, and categories based on each customer’s unique characteristics and preferences, creating unforgettable customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Empower your marketing teams with deeper analytics and insights, driving better decisions and improving efficiency. Centralize your data, connect with various sources through APIs, and utilize AI to automate understanding and visualization of crucial KPIs and performance trends.

Engaging Mobile Experiences with Mobile Studio

Highly targeted mobile messaging ensures relevant communications based on customer preferences and behaviours. With location-based technology, unite the physical and digital world, making mobile your customers’ go-to channel.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

Journey Builder

Connect every interaction across email, mobile, advertising, web, sales, and service into a seamless customer experience. With real-time customer data and AI-driven insights, build personalized messaging and trigger journeys based on real-time events, while adapting to your customers’ behaviour.

Customer Data Platform

Save time and boost efficiency with smart targeting, fast segmentation, and real-time automation. A unified data approach helps you build high-value audiences and achieve cost-efficient personalization across multiple channels.

Marketing Cloud Advertising

Harness your customer data to drive Google, Facebook, and display advertising securely and at scale. By connecting your advertising efforts with the rest of your marketing and sales strategies, ensure powerful lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns.

B2C Journey Management for Unforgettable Experiences

Identify critical customer moments to power 1-to-1 relationships, align messages across all marketing channels, and adapt to your customers’ changing needs to ensure exceptional experiences.

Choose Mirketa for your Marketing Cloud implementation and let our expertise and passion for marketing innovation elevate your business to new heights. Engage with us today and unlock the true potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your marketing success.

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