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Salesforce Marketing

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Salesforce marketing cloud is an integrated marketing platform that provides end-to-end marketing solutions which helps marketers to reach out the right audience in right manner. Salesforce marketing cloud can help advertisers to transform their customer engagement completely. It helps advertisers to create and deliver personalized emails to accelerate their business opportunities. This platform enables one to connect or engage with customers in their journey through email, mobile, social studio, web personalization, and content creation.

Additionally, it helps to connect with consumers at every touchpoint which makes a business an easy process to convert and thus drives revenue.

How we can help?

We define the goals and to-be business processes and technical architecture. The deliverables include:

  • Our SFMC certified consultants and developers deliver the right solutions to business problems or platforms including email studio, mobile studio, social studio, advertising studio, web studio, analytics builder, journey builder, contact builder, and audience builder.
  • We connect organizations with our SFMC experts who can listen to their business challenges or obstacles and deliver the best possible solutions which can further accelerate organization’s business.
  • Our experts take care of all the implementation activities from writing effective emails till send out those emails in an optimized manner. We believe in delivering the results in less time without compromising quality.

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Salesforce marketing cloud features

Email studio

Reach out to consumers in a more personalized and unique way. It helps organizations to create dynamic emails with strings of personalization in their email to connect with every customer which improves the effectiveness and experience of subscriber behaviour.

Mobile studio

Create, Send, and Track SMS and MMS text messages using MobileConnect. With the help of Mobile Studio, one can send and track text messages through a single platform. It offers a range of features that improves the overall marketing efforts.

Journey builder

Allows to build an automated journey for organisation’s prospects. Journeys are the best way to achieve marketing goals and objectives. Its main objective is to nurture subscribers and convert them into potential customers.

SFMC functionalities

Content builder

Create content without the knowledge of HTML code. It is a great tool for advertisers to create and manage content for email campaigns. This is the place where one can save images, text blocks, and templates. Organization can easily create dynamic content without the basic knowledge of code with drag and drop functionality.

Audience builder

Provide a better and deep understanding of subscribers to provide a personalized customer journey. Audience Builder helps to send out personalized messages over emails, and text messages based on purchase activity, browsing history, and customer attributes.

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