Salesforce Einstein

Mirketa Salesforce EinsteinWelcome Salesforce Einstein! Part of Spring ‘17, Einstein for Salesforce is the Salesforce’s 52nd major product release in 18 years. All Einstein capabilities within Spring ‘17 are generally available for Salesforce customers.

We know you are interested in Salesforce Einstein, the comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CRM, looking around and trying to figure out what’s in the Salesforce Einstein bag and what’s best for you.

We have researched & compiled an EBook to help you stay up to date with the most prominent features of Salesforce Einstein for all the clouds. We have gone through all of them, to bring you the best of what matters to you the most. Einstein has features for every cloud, be it Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, App, Community or Analytics.

Some of the key points covered in this EBook are:

  • Einstein features for different cloud versions.
  • Pricing for different cloud versions and the salesforce editions having those features.
  • Digging deep into individual clouds and looking how to get the best out of these features.

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