Salesforce.com Mobile Integration XMW

XMW is a technically better and a cheaper option to customizing native mobile solutions offered by cloud CRM providers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

You are out of luck if you require access to the data and features from multiple cloud applications on your mobile device. You will be juggling between different native apps to get the complete picture that you are looking for..


XMW from Dotvik (www.dotvik.com) is a middleware based mobility platform that integrates legacy and cloud applications.
salesforce mobile integration XMW

Source: www.dotvik.com

XMW can strictly be a middleware solution with no data caching or enable caching for performance reasons. Regardless, the solution is secure and very inexpensive ($5 USD/month/user). With XMW, you don't need to subscribe to native mobile solutions from multiple vendors.

Mirketa Inc is a strategic implementation partner for Dotvik. Contact us if you want to learn more on how to go mobile on a budget.

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