Salesforce DevOps Solutions

Salesforce Branching Strategy. Data Load Automation. Environment Strategy. CI.

Implement CI/CD solutions that save time and avoid costly manual errors.

Our DevOps consultants build CI/CD solutions using open source tool, Salesforce DX and AutoRabit.

Branching and Environment Strategy

We implement Branching and Environment Strategies that support:

  • Agile Development process with multiple SCRUM teams
  • Feature or Epic Based Branching
  • Direct integration with JIRA, Pivotal and others Agile tools
  • Short lived branches used only for Build Creation
  • GIT webhook or Polling based solution

Salesforce Continuous Integration

Salesforce Continuous Integration solution will support:

  • Avoid GIT Cherry Picking
  • Collect Salesforce Deployable Items
  • Organize items with deployable configurator
  • Creates Deployable Package with all Salesforce Meta Data

Salesforce Continuous Deployment

The key features of our Salesforce Continuous Deployment solution include:

  • Automation of Pre and Post Deployment steps
  • Automation of Salesforce Destructive Changes
  • Run Automated Tests
  • Salesforce Data Refresh Automation
  • Refresh GIT Master from Production Snapshot

Salesforce Test Automation

We implement functional and non functional test automation using open source tools and frameworks and HP Test Automation Suite


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