Round Robin Distributor (RRD)

Lead & Case Assignment made Easy

Lead & Case Assignment made Easy. RRD is a powerful yet easily configurable rules based application on Salesforce appexhange that ensures your Leads, cases are distributed to team members in an intelligent and timely manner.

See How It Works Round Robin Distributor (RRD)

RRD assigns leads/cases to live agents in real time based on a configurable business logic. Great app for distributing inbound leads & cases from chat, web and phone. Easy to configure & use. Intelligent Alerts and Dashboards for tracking and reporting.

  • Easy to Install, Customize & Intuitive UI
  • Real Time automatic Lead and Case assignment to active users.
  • Configurable Alerts and smart Dashboards

With RRD you can now focus on other important aspects of business, while RRD manages your complex Queues & Resources.

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