Round Robin Distributor (RRD) FAQs

Lead & Case Assignment made Easy

Q. What is RRD (Round Robin Distributer) App? +

Q. What are the perquisites to install RRD in Salesforce? +

Q. How RRD app is useful in our Salesforce org? +

Q. How RRD can be configured in Salesforce after installation? +

Q. Can we define multiple teams? +

Q. How can we define lead/case filter criteria which contains more than 5 fields. +

Q. Is there any limitation in RRD assignments? +

Q. Can we define the limit for any team or user? +

Q. How round robin queue works? +

Q. Can we re-assign the records from Round Robin Queue? +

Q. Can a single record be re-assign using RRD? +

Q. Can I see all previous RRD assignment history for any particular lead/Case? +

Q. What if all RRD users in Team exhausts for any lead/record and there is need to re-assign that Record using RRD? +

Q. Does RRD notify user on new lead or case is assigned to user? +

Q. Can we change the format of task or Email which are sent by RRD? +

Q. How can I see the reports/Dashboard of RRD assignment reports? +

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