Capacity Planner

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Plan and track your SCRUM teams capacity in JIRA!

The Organize Capacity Planner lets you plan and track the SCRUM teams capacity in your organization. You can create different SCRUM teams and assign team members and their capacity allocation to the respective teams. As part of your sprint planning you can review and adjust team capacity for vacations, team overheads, unplanned work and add adhoc members to the team members for a sprint if needed. You can validate you sprint plan against the planned capacity against the team members. With Organize Capacity Planner you don’t need to use excels and notebooks for sprint capacity planning and capacity utilization.


  • Create any number of SCRUM teams for your organization. This plugin also gives you the provision to add any number of team members to this team.
  • Helps you do capacity planning for your teams for current and future sprints. This tool also gives you the leverage to add team members directly to any sprint rather than explicitly adding members to respective Teams.
  • Once you done with your sprint plan and do not need any more modifications, you can baseline your plan and track your actuals vs the plan. Time Spent, Remaining Hours and Plan Variance of individual resources keep getting updated dynamically throughout the sprint.
  • For reporting purpose, this plugin gets you the Time spent per Epic, which is further broken down to Stories, per release version. Many more reports coming up in future versions.
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