Accurate Sales Forecasting and Predictive Analytics

All the necessary Sales forecasting details at your disposal in just a CLICK!


Forecasting has never been so easy for the Top Business/Sales Executives. Delphi ensures zero complexity and a perfect snapshot of your whole salesforce org in just a click.

Accurate and trustworthy forecasting is what you get out of Delphi. Your business decisions based on our forecasting will empower you to handle uncertainty with proper judgement backed with solid numbers at your disposal.

Delphi uses two different modules for forecasting sales, users can decide to choose any of the two based on their forecasting scenario:

  • User Defined Values: using Monte Carlo algorithm every opportunity goes through ten thousand iterations by selecting randomly generated completion time and probability based on the configurable ranges defined by you.
  • Machine Learning: based on the selected time period as defined by the user, Delphi analyses the historical data in the org and predicts the future trend accordingly.

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Intelligent updates & alerts
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