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Bay Area firm launches machine learning solution for Sales Forecasting on platform

Today Mirketa announced the release of Delphi, a Sales Forecasting and Planning application built on platform. The application is available on Salesforce App Exchange.

Sales forecasting is a complex and time consuming activity that requires domain specific sales experience to build a decent forecasting model. Delphi, a native application makes the sales forecasting modeling easy and uses machine learning to extract collecting organizational experience for its predictive modeling. Delphi provides forecasts for top accounts, sales representatives performance and quarterly sales using the historical data from

“Our clients have struggled with the sales forecasting in Salesforce as the native solution and the existing 3rd party applications offer simplistic forecasting models”, said Rajeev Kumar, the CEO of Mirketa Inc. Delphi uses complex mathematical simulations to forecast with 95% confidence level. The user interface and the self-learning abilities of Delphi hide the complexity of forecasting models from the end users.

“With Delphi we are determined to change the sale forecasting and planning experience for sales managers and sales reps”, explained Rajeev Kumar. The future versions of the application will provide sales guidance and 360 degree sales insights to maximize the conversions.

ABOUT Mirketa Inc

Mirketa Inc is a San Ramon, CA based technology firm that provides development and system integration services in Salesforce ecosystem, including Service, Sales, Marketing clouds and CPQ. In addition to Delphi, Mirketa has an intelligent Lead and Case Assignment application (Round Robin Distributor) with 5 star ratings on Salesforce AppExchange .

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