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Streamlining process and workflow for Insurance Settlement company

Opportunity/Problem Statement:

  • The employees of a client company has number of task/activities scheduled for the lead management and nurturing, the status of which are tracked by the company to gauge the progress on the lead.
  • With the number of changes in business requirement, the client wanted to add list of new tasks/activities and their dependency on another tasks/activities should be maintained without affecting the process flow.
  • The client wanted different changes in different process flows based on the lead sources and to streamline the process flow without affecting old lead records.
  • The client has a lot of data scattered in different places in the system which had to be consolidated in a structured manner.

Solution Highlights:

  • Mirketa analyzed the existing system and identified the gaps obstructing the efficient use of the system.
  • Analyzed the existing process flow, scheduled tasks/activities and their dependency on other scheduled tasks/activities.
  • Introduced the list of new tasks/activities in the current flow without affecting the flow and dependencies on another tasks/activities.


  • Lead management process has become more efficient and has helped the team on never missing out on an important tasks/activities to keep track on the prospect leads.
  • With the consolidated and structured data the client don’t need to spend time on tracking the required data.
  • With the proper assignment model, the task/activity is assigned to the correct person and the time spend in reassignment of task/activity is eliminated.

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