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Revamping older CRM system with Salesforce

Opportunity/Problem Statement:

  • Problem with data duplication as older CRM system doesn’t have an easy solution to find & merge duplicates.
  • Inability to maintain hierarchical view of business accounts.
  • Operations team had to individually list down new business accounts on client’s vendor application Agent Sync. This manual and cumbersome process was leading to inefficiency and data error.
  • Data warehouse working in silo without the analytical functionality to provide meaningful business insights.
  • Issue in tracking of support tickets by internal teams for billing.
  • Smart and intuitive way to include zoom in the business process as business users need to track their team members’ progress on accounts.

Solution Highlights:

  • Real time data sync using APIs with Client’s operation CRM Agent Sync.
  • Automating lead creation to improve the lead conversion efficiency and time of response through HubSpot and Salesforce bidirectional sync.
  • Improving the support ticketing system by integrating it with master contact repository.


  • Business users are having a seamless experience across all touchpoints by integrating all the siloed systems and teams under one Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Real time data sync with different vendors and improving efficiency by automating the previous manual business workflow.
  • Tracking and analyzing zoom meetings and webinar details such as number of participants, start and end time to increase deal conversion volume.

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