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Automates the Student engagement and Enrollment process for a University

Opportunity/Problem Statement:

  • Manual Enrollment Process led to inefficiencies and long enrollment cycle.
  • CampusVue leading to manual reporting process which was costly, slow and inaccurate
  • Assignment of Advisors was a complex manual task​.
  • No one source for Student 360 view led to advisors using multiple system during Enrollment process​.
  • Manual Activity workflows leading to inefficient follow-ups​.
  • Legacy CRM was obsolete, inefficient, non-scalable, and incapable to create automations​.

Solution Highlights:

  • Created Enrollment Service on Salesforce EDA. All applications were sent to Salesforce where checks were performed, follow up tasks are created and upon application completion, application sent to Student Information System(SIS). Two-way sync with SIS kept the updates on both systems in sync.​
  • Created custom logic for Advisor links so the right advisors are assigned to students automatically​.
  • Used Salesforce for Notifications and Follow-up workflows​.


  • Fully automated Enrollment process which cuts down errors, the time to respond to the applicants and creates accurate reports on the enrollment records.​
  • Less manual effort for application checks, task follow ups and advisor allocations​.
  • Student 360-degree view of student Enrollment at one place​.

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