Case Studies

Salesforce integration and integration for a pre-IPO company

The Background

The client is a pre-IPO healthcare CRM product company. It uses Salesforce Sales Cloud for sales and for service. The company decided to integrate the two systems so that both the Sales and Services folks can view complete information while working with the clients.

The Challenge

Both and have duplicate contact data within each system and across the two systems. Also, the basic integration functionality does not fit very well with the company’s sales and services processes and required customization of Account and Contact functions.

Our Solution

Created data cleansing approach for both and data for contacts/customers and accounts/companies. Mapped the customers with Salesforce contacts and used that to create desk case records in salesforce. Created custom views in salesforce to view all cases for an account across the account hierarchy. Also, created a custom Case create function from the Account page on Salesforce.

The Results

  • Cleaned up the duplicate contacts records in each system and connected contacts and customer records
  • Integrated the case management across the two systems through custom features

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