Case Studies

Integrated Patient Care System

Developed a Patient Care App that connects providers and patients

The Background

The client is an ISV (independent software vendor) providing services to the Health Care Payers in the US. To enhance their value proposition, the client planned to build a cloud based Patient CRM system and a Patient Portal that connects patients and physicians through the platform.

The Challenge

The product needed to be like a ‘plug-in’ so it can easily be integrated with the existing ecosystem. The product needed to consume and publish all data to/from other systems through web services. A great user experience was critical for the user adoption so the patient can review and provide various pieces of data required.

Our Solution

Mirketa helped the client flesh out the product requirements. Our UX designers defined end to end patient and physician interactions with the system and designed the application so it was easy to consume and enter information. Our and Visualforce developers developed customized experience with various web services for easy compatibility with other systems.

The Results

  • Visualforce CSS based UI that provides great user experience
  • Quick delivery - developed the system in 12 weeks
  • Affordable for an ISV - Using our offshore development resources we delivered the product at 25% of the cost as compared to US based development cost
  • Open Architecture - The system has an open architecture that makes it easy to integrate with other cloud and on-premise systems


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