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Marketing Cloud Configuration

Salesforce CPQ and Billing Solution

The Client is a major player in the Solar Energy Sector having its operations spread all over the world. Client uses Salesforce Sales cloud for managing new Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities as a CRM solution and is now using Steelbrick as complete quote to cash solution.

Opportunity / Problem Statement

  • The client used Salesforce only till managing opportunities and after that the product configurations and pricing were stored on Google docs to share information on active opportunities.
  • The final quotes were created manually by copying information into the quote template document.
  • The quotes created required lot of rework and there was no way to track the current status of the quotes.
  • The approvals on the discounts offered was not being tracked thus resulting in loss of income.

Solution Highlights

  • The Mirketa team understood the current processes for the client and all the manual activities performed by Sales Reps.
  • Steelbrick CPQ and Billing license was selected as the most viable solution to configure products and create bundles, configure price book with setting up complex discounting rules for volume based pricing.
  • The quoting engine was leveraged to make sure the data flow was seamless and the amount were matching with Opportunities. Quote status could be tracked easily after sending to the end customer.
  • The approval workflows for exception scenarios were setup to smoothen the process and result in faster turnaround time.
  • The order, invoicing and payment management was used off the shelf with minimal configuration done on the Steelbrick product.

The Results

  • The integration with Steelbrick resulted in increased efficiency with quote creation and approval time being reduced to one tenth of the original time and errors dropping to less than 2%.
  • As all data was now stored in Salesforce the sales managers could analyse using reports and intuitive dashboard to check how much revenue is realized for the quarter.
  • As the Steelbrick is completely native to Salesforce the training time for the Sales Reps was less than a week with the new cloud based tool.


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