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Big Data Solutions

Big data is perhaps the biggest thing since the advent of the Internet and is set to change the competitive landscape of the business world. Petabytes of data are generated on a daily basis in a variety of formats with a very short shelf life. Data analytics needs to be done in near real time. The value per byte for big data is very low so the traditional cleansing and storage methods do not work. As the cost per compute is much cheaper with big data analytical tools, analyzing large amount of data is much easier now. The bottom line is that the traditional method of cleansing, storing and consuming data no longer works with big data. Our big data services include big data strategy, architecture and implementation of Hadoop ecosystem and data visualization tools.

Big Data Strategy

Our team of business consultants, technologists and data scientists work with you to assess your big data analytical needs. We start by answering the basic question on whether or not you need big data solutions. We define your big data business use cases, big data analytics and big data management practices for ingestion, storage, and syncing up with your traditional data warehouse solutions. Our consultants evaluate the different tools and technologies in Hadoop eco-system and make recommendations on tools and solution architecture.

Big Data Solution Architecture

We develop your big data solution architecture which provides the blueprint for data acquisition, data ingestion, data storage and syncing up with your traditional data warehousing systems. Our solution recommendations take your organizational capabilities into account. We recommend technologies that leverage your staff skills and your current investments in the traditional BIs to the extent possible.

Big Data Solution Implementation

Our U.S. based business consultants, data architects, and data scientists work with you to define detailed data requirements and design the best solution. Our offshore technical team converts, implements and tests the designed solution. We have expertise in all tools and technologies in the big data ecosystem.

We can put the big data to work for you. To learn more about what big data can do for you, contact us for a complimentary knowledge sharing session with one of our big data experts.

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