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Duplicate Search and Merge

Managing duplicates is now simplified

Worried about the process inefficiency due to duplicates records in Salesforce? Now say Good Bye! to duplicates with Mirketa's Duplicate Search and Merge tool.

Mirketa Duplicate Search Merge Advitya

Data is the most valuable asset of an organization and good data quality is absolutely priceless. Accurate data is the catalyst for high productivity and good decision making. One of the prime data quality issue in salesforce for most organization is the duplicate records on account, contacts and leads. But now you can say good bye to duplicates records in salesforce in the most efficient and less time consuming manner using “Duplicate search and Merge” app.

Duplicate Search and Merge is a native deduplication application built for salesforce. This application will help in cleansing the duplicate records on leads, contacts and accounts in an easily user configurable manner. The user can search the records based on pre-set filters and then choose either manual or mass merge.

The application covers the following functionalities:

  • Search Duplicate records on Leads, Accounts and Contacts
  • Customize filters for search criteria
  • Automatic Master Record Selection based on customizable filters
  • Manual Merge
  • Mass Merge
  • Audit Trail

Now stop worrying about the duplicates and see your productivity going upwards.

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